SELLER warrants the vehicle to have good internally lubricated components of the engine, differential and transmission as well as the torque converter. (In simple terms --- a good transmission & engine.) Vehicle sold for $1500 or less will automatically be sold “AS IS”. The seller has the option to Auction Guarantee the vehicle if or when the bidding exceeds $1500.

Manufacturer’s Vehicle Warranty supersedes Auction Guarantee.

SOME ITEMS NOT COVERED BY AUCTION GUARANTEE include, but are not limited to, normal wear items (such as brakes or clutches), all visual defects, visual fluid leaks, interior components, tires, basic brake system, exhaust system, battery, power accessories, belts, hoses, suspension system, SV or U-joints, hubs, wheel bearings, and motor or transmission mounts.

ARBITRATION – Auction opinion on arbitration is FINAL!! Arbitration must be completed by 4:00 P.M. day of sale!! Seller reserves the right to fix the problem with the vehicle in order to complete the sale. 

  • All vehicles sold “As Is”, unless otherwise stated.
  • No warranties, implied or expressed, unless otherwise stated.
  • Seller responsible to remove license plates.
  • Some vehicles do have reserves (bottom dollar amounts).
  • Buyer must have bidder number and must be 18 years of age.
  • Please check out vehicle thoroughly before bidding --- if not, please do not bid.
  • Northland Auto Auction and Storage or Owner reserves the right to hold vehicles until check clears the bank.
  • Vehicles must be paid for before leaving the premises (cash or check). No postdated checks or hold checks will be accepted as payment. Twenty-five Dollars ($25) will be assessed for NSF check or non-payment on day of sale.
  • Northland Auto Auction and Storage will finalize paperwork in bid cardholder’s name. If buyer wishes to place another name on the title, it will be separated by the word “or”.
  • Titles will be held for seven working days if paid for by check or credit card.
  • Titles will be processed as soon as possible on all cash purchases.
  • Lost Titles: If buyer needs assistance to process paperwork for a duplicate title, a minimum fee of $100.00 will be charged. This is true even if the title is "lost" in the mail.
  • Seller’s check will be ready on Wednesday at 9:00 A.M. If not picked up by 5:00 P.M., the check will be mailed. No check will be released to anyone other than the seller.